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Is Your Site

Is Your Site

Bunjy's Digital Audit gives you a deep insight into your brand's digital presence. Our team of experts analyse your website and social media to give you the report & recommendations for improvement.

How many users visit my website?

What is my websites loading speed? 

What is my websites search rank in Google?

Is my social media connecting to the right audience?

Some questions that you would find answers to through this audit,

Website Audit




Search Engine Audit

  • Improvements for Website's Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword analysis

  • Search Ranking for Target Keywords

  • Google my business analysis

Social Media Audit

We also look at methods of improving your social media presence and the best ways to engage with your customers and potential customers through those accounts. You can learn how you can involve your services or products into conversations so that you can engage with potential customers.

Our digital Marketing Analysts will analyse all of your social media channels, We will curate information on how you are using them, how they are performing and if you are focusing on the right ones for your business.

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