India's Leading Teak Exporter

Website Design & Development 

India's leading exporter of naturally grown South-East Asian Teak catering to customers all over the world especially North America and Europe came to us with the task of redesigning their website to showcase their products to customers.


As a brand that caters to an international clientele, the brand’s existing website needed complete overhaul - the site needed better design, mobile responsiveness and ease of use.

Our Solution

Bunjy designed a new website that positions Aetek as the industry leader, showcasing their 20+ years of experience and the trust held by their long term customers. We also brought to light their role in restoration of famous 18th century Ship of the England Royal Navy, HMS Victory. 


  • The brown and white colors used to bring the relevance to teak and also the branding of the company.

  • Individual pages for each product showcasing technical specifications and details with product photographs.

  • "Similar Products" featured in each product page for ease of navigation.

  • Mobile website with seamless scrollable interface.

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