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10 Best bloggers in Digital Marketing you should look into

Updated: Aug 5

When we look into digital marketing, there’s always more to explore, Be it new technology or changing trends. It means that if you don’t make yourself to regularly do research, you’ll be at constant risk of falling behind. For example, when a new social network, search engine, content format or app starts trending, it wouldn’t be strategic to just jump on the bandwagon. You’ll need to understand the trend itself, whether your target customers care about it, and if so, how you can leverage it in your marketing strategy. Luckily, different kinds of great digital marketing blogs stay at the top of the most important digital marketing news and trends you ought to know and try.

To help, we’ve put together the following list of the 10 best digital marketing blogs to keep you update with the latest digital marketing news and trends.

  1. The Moz Blog

  2. Content Marketing Institute

  3. Search engine journal

  4. SEM rush blog

  5. Neil Patel

  6. Hubspot

  7. Google webmaster central blog

  8. The Ahrefs Blog

  9. Social media examiner

  10. Unbounce

The Moz Blog

SEO plays a huge part in digital marketing and Moz blog is one among the useful sources available for learning about SEO trends, studies and best practices. Their content deep dives enough to be useful to experienced veterans of SEO, while still often being accessible to newbies.

Content Marketing Institute

In the past few years, content marketing has quickly become one among the popular topics within the digital marketing world. The Content Marketing Institute was one of the companies initially to start touting the valuable content in digital marketing, and their blog remains one of the few worthy resources for following content marketing trends and best practices.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is widely seen as the go-to source for SEO news. It often sources news directly from Google and shares advanced tips around SEO and PPC. If you’re looking for the latest algorithm update or want to ensure your company is following best practices, SEJ is one of the first places your team should check out.

SEM rush Blog

Most know SEMRush for being one of the digital marketing industry’s top tools as an in-house toolkit that specializes in competitive research. But did you know it also has an outstanding blog for search marketing professionals? Its thought leadership content provides useful advice on everything from optimizing websites to link building strategies and everything in-between. It also helps readers make sense of any new algorithm changes so that your brand doesn’t miss a beat.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the top marketers in the country who has built successful companies of his own such as KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg plus has consulted with several Fortune 100 brands. He possesses a level of marketing expertise unmatched by most of the industry. If you’re looking for actionable insights that can help drive results for your marketing program, look no further than Neil’s blog. His posts feature engaging content, primarily in video and podcast format that are useful regardless of where you’re at from a marketing standpoint.


HubSpot is known in the industry as one of the best content creators out there. While the blog features a specialise in inbound marketing (the company’s founder originally coined the term, after all), the content covers a good range of topics relevant to marketers not only inbound but also from customer service to hiring good talent and productivity.

Google webmaster central blog

This blog provides official news from Google on all things related to crawling and indexing sites. It’s ideal for getting the latest updates related to getting your site indexed on Google. The information tends to be a bit more technical than some of the other blogs on this list. However, if you’re on the technical SEO side, there simply isn’t a better option for content than Google itself.

The Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs Blog helps marketing practitioners get better at SEO with how-tos and opinion pieces for marketers and industry experts alike. Their expertise is useful for beginners and skilled professionals alike with useful information around the SEO space. Ahrefs’ posts are typically pretty data-heavy and dive into some of the tool’s features. While there are some blog posts that promote their products, the vast majority are about providing value to marketers using tried and true techniques.

Social media examiner

Social media has long been a challenge for brands to perform well. Social Media Examiner provides studies on what works and detailed tutorials on using social media effectively. If you’re struggling to make social media profitable (as many are), this is a good resource to check out.


If you have ever had to build a landing page, odds are that you know Unbounce. So it’s hard to think of anyone more qualified to provide conversion rate optimization tips than the team that helps marketers do just that. The Unbounce team provides useful insights on landing page effectiveness and lead gen best practices. For marketers looking to get more from their site visits, Unbounce is the place to go.

And that should leave you plenty to read and help you stay on top of all the digital marketing knowledge you need. Staying alert to digital marketing news will make you a better marketer over time and help you avoid falling behind on the trends.

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