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9 Reasons why Instagram has Overtaken Facebook

In today’s world, people cannot be without knowing these golden words internet, Social media, Facebook and Instagram. "But do you know Instagram has overtaken Facebook?!"

Facebook and Instagram are two most emerging social media platforms where both platforms are owned by Facebook. In spite of their unique features, Instagram has dominated Facebook

To be fair, Instagram Can’t compete with Facebook on the sheer number of 2 billion monthly users. Though, Instagram’s 800 million monthly users have made it to the third most popular social media platform. So many would be probably thinking of investing your digital marketing money on Facebook.

But it's not about quantity it's about quality and for digital brands targeting younger generation (< 30 years) groups will make your digital money go further on Instagram, especially for visual industries like fashion, beauty, Photography or even architecture.

As per the research conducted by British market start-up Street bees, Instagram is performing excellently well. Around 36% of people aged between 18 to 25 years like Instagram and 26% say Facebook is their second choice to go with.

As per J. Clement (Researcher on internet and e-commerce) In 2019, there were almost 855 million users on Instagram on a monthly basis. In 2023 the figure is expected to surpass 988 million users worldwide.

To those curious minds wanting to know the reasons behind Instagram success over Facebook.

9 Reasons why Instagram Overtook Facebook

#1- User Friendly

We are becoming more glued to our smartphones. In fact, the majority of social media users are using the apps via their smartphones. On top of these statistics, comScore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report found that 78% of social media time is spent on mobile devices. The primary objective of Instagram is to post photos and videos, which is one of the effective digital marketing strategies. Instagram has also made advances to bring Tv like experiences to mobile with the launch of their standalone IGTV app for long-form video.

HubSpot found around 72% of the customers understand the product or service by watching videos. Also, everyone loves tapping on screen and scrolling pictures. This captivates the eyes of visitors by providing informative and engaging explainer videos on Instagram in a short time and its shared 37% more often. This trend increases the importance of creating mobile-friendly content and proves the reason that user-friendly, attractive interface of Instagram makes it a better place to attract both techies and non-techies.

#2- Story Integration

Instagram is proven to be more powerful and successful when it comes to story integration. Basically, Snapchat inspired both Instagram and Facebook to incorporate stories. In 2017, Instagram stories overtook Snapchat in terms of users size because within Instagram one area in particular that met with public intrigue has been the order of viewers within one’s Instagram stories.

But the way Instagram has updated its features makes it prominent and attractive. Though Facebook also uses stories function in their apps, it's weaker and less attractive than Instagram. In addition, Instagram also promotes Hashtag strategy while integrating stories that makes it engaging. Well, it's another trait that keeps Instagram over Facebook.

#3- Ecommerce-friendly

Social media networks are not only free but also an excellent platform to promote business. Direct commerce on Facebook tried several times, with only modest success. But the reason for Instagram’s success is that it is included effortlessly, that it feels like a very natural extension of the platform. It offers unique ads features that help organizations to attract more traffic and convinces them to see stuff online and make a purchase without any hassle. Instagram Stories is drawing the most interest from advertisers making this targeting algorithm very strong. Thus, Instagram helps you keep your business running successfully.

#4- Best for Brands

Instagram’s algorithm does better for marketing. The actual algorithms are unknown trade secrets, but Alfred Lua of Buffer researched both the algorithms for Facebook and Instagram and came up with some speculations that proved accurate when tested. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms in an effort to improve what people see in their News Feeds. This means brands are having to fight harder for organic reach, or pay to play so they can get eyes on their posts – whether or not they’re actually advertising their product. As the game becomes more difficult for those without a budget plan.

While its true Instagram has also made changes to their display algorithms. Thus, Social media marketers can still promote their brand on Instagram for free, and with even better results as long as the content is sound leading to a happy co-existence between brands and users. Many brands have genuinely pleasurable content to interact with on Instagram, which is not the case when it comes to brand posts on Facebook

#5- Built-in Messaging

People used to communicate with businesses via phone, emails, then social media. Now, it’s social messaging. Facebook studied the messaging behaviour of 12,500 people across 14 markets to understand consumers’ growing preference for messaging businesses. They identified that messaging is helping businesses connect with their customers like never before.

Facebook users can send and receive messages, but they have limitations and need to install a separate application named messenger. When it comes to Instagram, users can send and receive messages from the same application because it provides built-in features which save your time and effort.

So, if you want to keep your messaging more frequent while having a look at other functions then Instagram is a better choice to opt.

#6- Privacy

This is one of the other significant reasons that Instagram has stepped over Facebook. Facebook allows users to make friends, In Instagram users, make followers. All Instagram users have personal Accounts. They can also make their accounts public; it solely depends on the user choice. It allows the users to follow only those whom they know well. Whereas on Facebook, anyone can go through your profile and see your timeline which reduces your security. Also, the generation of millennials prefers privacy and Instagram over Facebook.

Moreover, Instagram users can fetch the content faster when compared to Facebook making Instagram stand higher in speed as well as security.

#7- Platform Vibes

The vibe generated by a platform has some effect on its users, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that trolling is something that has almost been a part of Facebook. Instagram on the other hand, seems to be on the better side of things. we can’t say, it is just by sheer luck or by design. But looks like, the community is a little more sophisticated here and doesn’t like to make a disaster of every little thing.

Instagram offers a more positive and pleasing experience by providing inspirational and motivational videos through IG TV and stories. But positivity alone isn’t enough for Instagram to overtake Facebook in usage. social media is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be an escape. It’s not supposed to be the place you confront your demons, or your accusers, in most instances.

#8- Open for Developers

As Facebook became more cautious about the developer ecosystem and data usage due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it simultaneously embraced more developer engagement at Instagram.

This duality indicates that Facebook continues to be quite serious about keeping Instagram as a completely freestanding community. Also, Instagram allowed its users to be able to use third-party camera effects and stickers.

And, in a no time Instagram became users’ preferred social network, they allowed users to share stories to Instagram from other apps, such as Spotify, GoPro, and others. This turned out to be interesting, as it sets up Instagram stories as a highly flexible repository of users’ real-time experiences, even if those experiences were initially captured outside of the Instagram application.

#9- Better Discovery

Instagram helped its users to discover content easily on Instagram by a heavy emphasis on hashtags from the beginning, and the widespread use of five to 20 of them in posts, it is easier to find content that you wish for on Instagram. Because of the ability to get content “found” on the platform, publishers have flooded the hashtag system and became well-versed of the system.

As a result, the Instagram explore tab has declined in quality in recent times. So, Instagram entirely reworked the explore tab. This magnifying glass search icon will not just lead to the search bar, stories and media you like. It can help you find the content you like the most.


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