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Best Tools and Tips for content writing

Updated: Aug 5

Anyone who works in content marketing is used to encountering bad examples. You get better at noticing the stuff that doesn’t work when it’s your job to make stuff that does. Because we’re so often seeing bad examples, it feels excellent to encounter samples of content marketing writing done right.

Content writing is a challenging task. Once you establish yourself as an expert blogger, you should be ready to face different types of topics. It’s not just because your content writing needs to be top-notch, but because you need to be equally adept when it comes to marketing, social media, and even design.

But before you start, you have to understand that the competition is intense. To be noticed and followed by new readers to keep them hungry for content, you’ll need to post all the time.

So we will start with what is content writing?

In short, Content writing is planning, writing and editing web-page content, typically for digital marketing purposes.

Why Is Proper Content Writing Important?

When people hear content writing for the first time, they think writing articles. However, content writing isn’t just important for blog posts. In fact, content writing is vital for all kinds of content formats, including:

  • Video scripts

  • Email newsletters

  • Keynote speeches

  • Social media posts

  • Podcast titles

  • White papers

  • Web page copy

  • Landing pages

  • YouTube video descriptions

Or put another way:

Writing is the foundation for just about any content that you simply publish.

In this blog, we have created a list of top 10 Content Writing Tools for the Creator in you,

#1-Hemingway - Error-free writing

This is one of the top-rated content writing tools known best for its features such as highlights and mouseover for providing hints. This tool highlights in different colours and each serves a purpose which includes complex sentences, common errors, passive voice, adverbs and weakening phrases. Apart from this, the tool is known for its popularity among content writers as it ensures that readers focus on the message rather than finding it difficult to understand the concept.

Bonus tip: ProWritingAid and Spell Check both known for correcting grammatical errors. ProWritingAid helps to improve your clarity, vocabulary and strengthens the style of writing. It has 20 reports, other articles and quizzes to keep the writer entertained and have focused on all aspects of writing. Even Spell check improves your vocabulary and content by embedded dictionary and thesaurus tools. A vital feature is it allows spell check-in 78 languages.

#2-HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator - Topic and Ideas

HubSpot’s is one of the tools which helps you get a head-turning title and ideas for your blog post. Here is how it works, all you need is to have a topic in mind and provide the tool with three keywords. In a blink of an eye, you can see topics and titles on your screen. This will help you in planning your blog post without having to waste your precious time.

Bonus tip: other tools for catchy titles are Portent Content Idea Generator gives original topic ideas you can get deeper and make the best use of it. Buzzmo helps to choose topics which are trending based on statistics of social media posts engagement you also get filters like headings, content type, language, country and few more.

#3-Canva - Design

This is one of the amazing Illustration tools for creating beautiful designs which is free and even people without design knowledge can use it. Because, it has attractive design templates which satisfy all your needs from social media, marketing, video to personal. You can even create your own design from scratch by using photo filters, icons, fonts, free and paid images.

Bonus tip: Unsplash is a website with free high-resolution images perfect for blog posts without any copyright issues. Other tools are word press and PiktoChart. PiktoChart is one of the best apps for creating infographics, presentations, print out designs, reports for various purposes.

#4-Siteliner - Plagiarism

There are quite a number of tools when it comes to checking duplicate content or plagiarism, one among them is the Siteliner tool. You should provide the link of a page or document to be scanned. Some versatile features are duplicate content percentage, common content percentage, unique content percentage, average page size, load time in comparison with other sites, number of words in the page, number of links, internal links, external links and few more.

Bonus tip: Some of the other tools are CopySpace and PlagSpotter. CopySpace allows you to find duplicate content by entering the URL. Advantage of copy space is when you find two similar content you can compare them by placing two URLs.PlagSpotter provides free URL search it allows you to compare text that has been marked as duplicate.some useful features include plagiarism monitoring, batch searches, full site scans, and much more.

#5-Calmly Writer - Focused Writing

This is a basic writing tool which helps writers to focus on writing when they need to write distraction-free. It comes with responsive design, dark mode, formatting and immediate backups. Allows inserting different quotes, subheading and links. In addition, there is focus mode which highlights only paragraphs that have been edited at present.

Bonus tip: ZenPen and Dangerous Writing App(DWA) helps in focusing on writing. Zen pen comes up with a blank page having a starter text awaiting for the writer to erase and continue writing has basic formatting, allows to set word count as well as two saving options either plain word or HTML.DWA is straightforward where you can set a timer and word limit. Once the timer starts, the writer focuses on writing if he/she stops writing for more than five seconds then the entire work so far will be deleted meaning don't stop even when it hurts, stop only when you're done!

#6- Ilys - Manage Writing

Ilys can be an important tool for those in need to draft an important article.It allows you to set the count target and keep track by the progress bar and counter at top of the screen this helps to see how far you have reached towards the target. Once the target is reached you can stop writing and start with editing your work.

Bonus tip: The bonus managing tools are Ideaflip and Evernote. Ideaflip is well furnished with a visual and interactive environment which helps the writer jot down impressions, analyze concepts, improve ideas, manage writings and check credibility and relevance of his/her ideas. Evernote assists to write a list of thing to collect

information, managing ideas, planning and meeting the deadline. Allows easy access to materials through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

#7- Google Docs - Editor & Collaborative writing

Google Docs is free all you need is your email id to access google docs any time anywhere. You can create, edit and share documents either online or offline. It allows you to collaborate with others on documents, leave notes, comments and autosave options.

Bonus tip: The two other editing tools are Draft and WYSIWYG. The draft app comes up with a minimalistic design and collaborative features.it keeps track of changes you make, a two version view of the document as columns side-by-side and Restoring work in the previous version.WYSIWYG is an editing software which allows rich text editor to view the content in a finished look either as a printed document, webpage or presentation.

#8 - Google Trends - Keyword Research

Google trend is a prime tool to know how we can get quality links and traffic. It traces the popularity of keywords in google search and how it changes over time. It allows comparison between five keywords to sense higher search volume. This finds the best time to start marketing effort for any particular keyword.

Bonus tip: Google keyword Planner and Soovle.Google Keyword Planner has been a famous keyword research tool known for accurate search volume. You can have a selection of keywords organized based on Topic, popularity, level of competition, Bids(If using Adwords). Soovle is a free keyword search tool offers to autocomplete suggestions from various sources like google, yahoo, bing, youtube, Wikipedia and amazon which helps boost search volume.

#9-Zotero - Annotator

Zotero is a free tool that lays out a way to collect information from articles across the web on a mouse click. Helps in time-consuming part of content writing which is research. You can organize the collected information by sorting and tagging with keywords. You can instantly cite references and bibliographies in any text editor. It allows collaboration freely, can also synchronize your materials.

Bonus tip: Weava gives you a one-stop destination to organize your research materials. You can categorize content highlights, add notes, collaborate with team and cloud synchronization. Web Notes adds notes to web pages while collecting information. These notes are auto-saved and they pop up when you revisit these pages. You can categorize notes by naming tags, changing the tag name or even delete tags.

#10- Read-O-Meter - Engagement of Audience

Read-o-Meter tells how much time it takes for readers to read your blog post. It's calculated based on standard reading speed. This tool helps in creating efficient content for readers.

Bonus tip: Reedsy tool offers to keep your audience entertained and engaged by the use of rhyming poetic words and quotations. It bestows synonyms, antonyms, adjectives, and related phrases to words you search. Known best for short catchy captions for social media posts. Readable tool finds the readability of content by conducting the analysis. Which helps to polish up and fix the content for readers.

“Last but not least”

Things & Tips to practice…

Create an outline for the topic chosen, continue with your research work related to it. One main aspect of content writing is creating a head-turning headline. Write your content in an easy way so users can benefit and share it with others.keep it snappy, rich and entertaining for your readers. The content you write should make your readers quotable on their social media. It should help readers take actionable insights also must feel trustworthy of the content they read.

I'm sure these content writing tools will make you write engaging quality content!...


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