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How to increase Brand Awareness in social media

Updated: Jul 11

Consistency is key to developing anything great, and this applies especially to the development of a professional brand in social media.

Social media continues to be a powerful marketing tool for brands and yet almost half (46%) of marketers say that the biggest challenge they face is creating a social media strategy that supports their organization’s goals.

Every respectable brand or business that promotes its products and services online takes advantage of today’s popular social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest – they are all extremely popular, and people use them daily without even questioning their behaviour, which can sometimes show signs of addiction.

As marketers and businessmen, we can’t neglect the trends that rule our current marketplace. If the majority of people spend a lot of time online, active on social media, we must represent and ready to connect.

Every social network has a lot of potential for your brand, so knowing how to strategize and implement your social media marketing strategies will heavily influence your brand’s reach and success.

For any brand to shine in social media, the brand should understand three key factors,

  • The Platform the brand choose

  • Investment priorities

  • Challenges the brands and understanding buyer’s persona

Here, we provide a quick guide that will help you increase your brand awareness via social media,

  • Know all about your target audience

  • Give value and relevance through content

  • Focus on Visual content

  • Approach Niche influencers

  • Listen to your brand follower’s voice

  • Try to take your content to go viral

  • Always Test, Measure, and Optimise your content and campaigns

Know all about your target audience

Before promoting your content and brand’s unique selling point on social media, you must definitely know who you’re addressing. This is basic marketing knowledge and expertise. Whenever you promote something, whether it’s a video, a Facebook page, or a brand, you’ll have to address it to a specific target audience.

Not everyone’s interested in what you have to have to sell or offer. Therefore, keep your message very concise and relevant to those who are truly interested.

Give Value and Relevance through content

“Nowadays, high-quality content is quite rare to find. This is not a general statement though, as there are plenty of webmasters that do their best to post only relevant content and information. While your social media networks allow the spreading of your content, the quality of your content is the aspect that differentiates your brand from the rest.”

Therefore, if your competition is posting the same content over and over again, you’d better consider coming up with something unique. Unique, not original. Everything has been already said.

Focus on Visual content

You could have come across this saying “one picture is worth a thousand words”. Considering that you agree, can you imagine how many words a video can express? Whenever you distribute a new update on your social pages, include an image along with every written blog post/article. However, make sure that your image really speaks to the reader, so don’t throw it there randomly. Also, ensure that you use stock video and images to stay out of trouble.

The link between high-quality visual content and brand awareness is this: a great piece of content is likely to be shared, which means that reach will increase. If you use watermarks to brand your video, many people will stumble upon your brand’s name and logo. And even if you don’t, people will still see the original poster.

Approach Niche influencers

The so-called “social media influencers” are people who generally have many followers/subscribers.I’m talking about either popular individuals or popular social media pages that appeal to the same (or approximate) target audience you do. However, make sure to avoid influencers that are in direct competition with your brand’s products and services.

Listen to your brand follower’s voice

Social media marketing is quite simple: improve your business pages and conduct profitable paid advertising campaigns. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to improve your brand’s reach and awareness. To do that, you must take into consideration your follower’s opinions, comments, and critiques.

The feedback you receive from likes/comments/shares/pins/tweets/etc. is important. However, it’s also important what people think of your brand. Many would like to offer you suggestions, while others will be eager to share negative feedback. All of your followers’ feedback is important – not just the positive, as you can gain insights from everything that you receive!

Try to make your content to go viral

Social media gives you tons of opportunities to broaden your brand’s reach. One of the huge perks of social media marketing is represented by the chance of becoming viral. Indeed, the average internet user shares a lot of things on his social networks.

If you come up with an amazing video (it’s usually videos that go viral), many of your followers will be glad to distribute it, so more of their friends might receive value from it.

Moreover, there’s another psychological aspect present in this equation: sharing something gives you social status. Most people identify with the things they share. Therefore, if you can “touch” your audience’s emotions and interest and emphasize with their personality, you can trigger an immediate drive to share...

Always Test, Measure, and Optimise your content and campaigns

Don’t miss out on testing, measuring and optimising. Keep this in mind like a mantra. If you want your brand’s awareness to grow, you’ll have to improve the performance of your social media campaigns. Whether they’re organic or paid, all of your campaigns need to be tested, measured, and eventually optimized.

For instance, if you’ve decided to post 1 piece of content each day, you’ll need to continuously analyze its impact. Measure your traffic numbers, the clicks, the open rates, and your reach. Figure out patterns. For example, if posts that contain images with nature receive more likes, then start posting more pictures with beautiful landscapes.

While aligning the goals of a social media strategy with the goals of the overall business is important, it isn’t always going to work. Although a brand may want to boost sales, social media is not always going to do this straight away. Improving your brand’s awareness through social media platforms is surely a challenging objective. There’s an unknown learning curve that every webmaster and business owner must go through in order to excel. You can’t simply know what works best. You have to observe, test, measure, and optimize your activity at all times.

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