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One of India's leading integrated schools aims at enriching lives through continuous learning and provided an integrated environment catering to regular and special education for children. The school was facing some challenges due to change of location and lack of awareness among parents about integrated schooling.


  • Design and develop website that not only showcases the facilities and programmes of the school, but also creates awareness among parents about day to day events and activities at the school. 

  • Reach out to parents of current and prospective students through social media.

Our Solution

 Bunjy designed the new website and  social media strategy that positions the school as a cohesive, inclusive environment that focuses on the holistic development of a child and make them learn early on that their peers despite being very different are nevertheless the same.


  • The blue and white effect with red lotus stays true to the branding of the school and the paint splash effect adds an element of fun to the page.

  • Targeted to parents, the website focusses on showcasing the facilities of the school, their approach towards academics and holistic development.

  • Everyday events and celebrations at the school elaborately showcased.

  • Admission details and easy online application.

Social Media

  • Facebook and Instagram used as a medium to stay connected with parents with regular update​s on activities at the school with hashtag "ADayAtShiishyaa".

  • Campaigning to create awareness on Integrated schooling.

  • Paid campaigns to increase admission enquiry targeted at Parents in the locality.

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