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The Amount of Traffic and the quality of traffic visiting your website is largely influenced by higher search rankings for the right keywords. There are over 3.5 Billion search queries done per day and that's just google.

Unique SEO Solutions for your Business


Bunjy's SEO Analysts will do an comprehensive market research on your industry, your competitors and your business to create a customized SEO Strategy, based on the exhaustive keyword analysis, that is tailored to address all your business needs. 

Content is King

Bunjy's Content writers take care to produce quality, fresh and yet popular content to improve your search rankings and attract visitors to your site. 

Extensive Onsite SEO

We offer comprehensive Onsite SEO services and extensively check your website to ensure it ticks all the right boxes and ensures all the tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal linking, etc. are on point.

Attentive Offpage SEO

Our SEO Analysts also work offsite, and improve your domain authority by building links, priudently on diverse sites.

Bunjy's digital marketing team offers SEO service focuses on three Key areas : Better Search Engine Rankings, Good Quality of Web Traffic and measurable results to help your business grow ! We ensure your website ranks higher in search engine and the right audience find you.

Our Approach




Ranked among Top 6 hotels in the city in Google Search


First page ranking in Google in the city for home healthcare services.


60% increase in website visitors in 2 months.

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 Why you should partner with Bunjy for your Search Engine Optimization :

Expert & trained SEO Analysts with access to the best data tracking software 

Customised SEO solutions specific to your business goals and industry


Monthly reporting and communication of SEO Strategy performance and results.

Freshly brewed content created by experienced Content Managers

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