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Worldwide 3.2 billion people use social media and it is continuously growing in terms of its reach and impact. More and more consumers are looking for reviews and recommendations for making any purchase through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Bunjy's Social Media Services help your brand "get noticed" - grow your brand awareness and reach your target audience. Our team of social media specialists bring in extensive experience in implementing effective social media marketing campaigns for businesses. We offer customised solutions tailor-made for your specific requirements and industry when it comes to designing your social presence.

Brand Awareness


Lead Generation

Our Approach

Identification and understanding of your consumers & develop target audience profile

Develop your brand story and social media strategy that aligns with your business and objectives

Create captivating content, advertisements and content calendar

Continuous research, tracking, and optimisation of campaigns for optimal performance

Work with bloggers and influencers for increased reach to target audience

We work with our clients and Regularly communicate and report to them.

Social media


Social media advertising is very powerful and cost effective - your ads can reach your exact target audience based on demographics, behaviour and various other parameters. It is also the most cost-effective medium available today, you can reach 1000 people for the cost of a coffee !  


Our social media experts bring years of experience and proven data on best-practices of ad content, optimisation, re-targeting and conversion. We have a proven track record of promotions across multiple social media platforms and we ensure your brand reaches your target audience with high conversions at lower cost.

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 Why you should partner with Bunjy for your social media marketing :

Expert social media team and dedicated account manager.

Customised solutions and social media strategy specific to your business goals and industry.

Strategy, budget, creatives - everything goes live only after your approval. We work in seamless manner and trusted by our clients. 


Monthly reporting and communication of campaign performances and results.

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